Tuesday, January 31, 2012

And Baby Makes Three :: Okinawa Newborn Photographer

It was finally time to say "hi" to Amber & Sam's newest addition to their family. He is a beautiful newborn boy with the fairest hair and skin I've ever seen. He was quite curious when I first arrived, but he quickly fell into a deep slumber once his tummy was nice and full of milk. I don't think any photographer could go wrong photographing this family, they simply always look beautiful! Congratulations again to the new parents!

A big thank you also to Susie over at Penguin's Place for making the custom designed newborn hat. Please visit her site if you are interested in commissioning her for custom work.


  1. We love them! I can't wait to see the rest. You always do such a fantastic job. We will have to get together for another photo session before I leave in June! Thanks so much!

    Amber & Sam

  2. Lisa Thomas10:42 AM

    Beautiful pictures. He is a beautiful baby.

    1. He looks so sweet ,you both look so proud . love the photos:)


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